Finding THE Dress in a Sea of Hopelessness

Amongst the sea of wedding dresses, sometimes it seems hard to believe you will find the right catch. Even though, there is a sea of endless wedding gowns out there; sometimes, the fact is, your dress isn’t out there.


Yes, you heard me correctly. Sometimes your PERFECT dress is not out there. But, no worries at all, that’s why you have us! Sometimes what stands between you and THE dress, are a few customizations to make it just right!


This was the case for our sweet bride Jill. Jill found what she felt was her dress, but it wasn’t quit yet, THE dress. In her mind she had always envisioned a beautiful lace sleeved gown for her Fall Wedding. Well, the designer, Maggie Sottero, agreed to sell some of the beautiful lace off of Jill’s gown and POOF! We were able to structure a custom lace sleeve to Jill’s gown and all of the sudden it went from a dress Jill had bought to, THE dress Jill was going to begin her Happily Ever After in!


The original gown purchased.

(Picture from Maggie Sottero website. Gown: Maggie Sottero Style: Melanie)

Now presenting, Jill, and her custom sleeved version!











Happily Ever After!

Photo Credit: Michaels Photography

Gown Designer: Maggie Sottero Style: Melanie

Gown Purchased at: Lulu’s Bridal Boutique

So, while you may not always find exactly what you are looking for when shopping, there may still be other options. The key is to keep a creative mind, leave all options open and ALWAYS ask lots of questions to your stylist.


So this Valentine’s Day when you are desperately searching to find the perfect dress in a sea of hopelessness, remember sometimes in order to fall in love with the perfect one, you may need to make a few creative adjustments!


***DISCLAIMER: This practice is specifically designed for Wedding Gowns, Please do NOT go home and attempt this on your boyfriend/ significant other.***


Nina Esclava