What to Know About Your First Fitting

DFW Wedding Alterations

DFW Wedding Alterations

You’ve chosen the perfect dress for your wedding day, and now its time to go to your choice in DFW wedding alterations, Altered for the Altar! We have a few tips on what to know about your first fitting that you may not have thought of.

  • When you get to your first fitting, one of the first things that you’ll do is put on your dream dress. The thing is, it probably won’t fit exactly how you saw it in the store with all of the clamps on it. Don’t freak out if your dress doesn’t fit right away! That is what we are here for. Talk us through how you envision it looking, how you saw it in the store, and how you want it to look. We will be making your dream dress a reality.
  • Bring the right accessories to your fitting! Bring the veil that you plan on wearing, any jewelry, and especially your shoes so that we know your height. Be ready to look through our full inventory of the current trends in bridal undergarments. We have the largest selection on site for any bridal, seamstress, or retailer because we are the only ones who stock specifically only bridal lingerie! The undergarments that you wear on your wedding day are so important because it will affect how your dress falls and sits on you. When you come to us, we will size you for your undergarments with your dress present! This makes all the difference; you will want to have everything sized perfectly for this investment. We have nearly unlimited options for you to look at at our store for you to choose from.
  • Before or at your first fitting, we will walk through and customize a plan to fit your specific needs for all of your alterations. In total, you should have an average of 3 fittings for your DFW wedding. The first should be around 2-3 months out from your wear date. The second, about one month out, and then have your final one around 2 weeks out in order to perfect everything! This timeline is just a sample of an average timeline, but we work with any timeline! Your fitting timeline should be with your first wear date in mind, whether that is your big day or your bridal portraits.

At Altered for the Altar, we are so excited to be a part your big day! For more information on alterations or scheduling an appointment, feel free to reach out to us.