Altered for the Altar is a one-of-a-kind alterations experience, unlike anywhere else. Our priority is, and always will be, making our brides’ gowns as beautiful as they are. From start to finish, we focus on creating a seamless, modern experience. We’re talking about the MOST important gown of your life- shouldn’t this be an experience you’ll remember forever? We think so too.



Your first bridal alterations appointment should be no less than 10-12 weeks before your wear date. In a RUSH? Click here for info on RUSH alterations!


Along with your gown, you will also need to have the shoes you plan to wear with you at your first fitting. You also need to plan your under garments for the big day. We have a comprehensive selection of what we believe to be the best of the best under garments available for you here!


All fittings are scheduled for a one-on-one, 30 minute booking. During this first fitting we will discuss in detail everything you are wanting done to the gown in order to properly size it to your body. (This means altering the gown as it was designed to fit you.) This involves both verbal communication and pinning the gown. If you are unsure of your under garments we will also go through options with you during this appointment.

*If you are interested in customizing or modifying your gown your appointment will look a little different than this and MAY require a full hour consultation, please contact us to inquire about custom first fittings!*


    • What should I bring? It is necessary that you have your shoes at your second fitting. It is also crucial you have the correct under garments with you at this point unless you are planning to purchase them from us. FINAL DECISIONS will be made at this appointment.
    • What will the dress look like? At the second fitting your gown will be in a deconstructed state. We know this is scary, but it is to ensure the proper fit before making it PERFECT! This means the gown is NOT complete and we are still making adjustments. You will not be taking the gown home with you today.
    • What should I bring? Today is the day we are making all FINAL adjustments. We will make all final pins and finish the gown out based upon those pins, after today. If you request any additional alterations after this fitting you may incur an additional charge. So it is ideal you bring any of your decisions makers with you at this time so we can confidently finalize all decisions on the fit! (AKA Bring Mom, Dad or MOH if you feel like you may be indecisive!)
    • OH NO! What if I forget my shoes? We understand wedding planing is stressful and sometimes we forget things. We will be happy to reschedule your second fitting for $50 to help accommodate if this arises. Unfortunately, we are unable to have a successful fitting without your shoes though and you will have to reschedule.


    • What happens at the final fitting? All fittings are scheduled for a one-on-one, 30 minute booking. At this fitting we will still put you back in the gown, not merely have you pick it up! We will look over everything with you and make sure you are PERFECT for your big day! After that we will TEACH YOU THE BUSTLE!
    • Who should I bring? If possible it is great to bring someone who can learn how to do the bustle! If not, we are happy to film a tutorial for you on your phone!
    • What will the dress look like? At this fitting your gown is READY TO GO! YAY! We will have all alterations complete and your bustle ready! We will also have the gown fully PRESSED and packed for the big day. If the gown permits, we pack it in cardboard bust form with tissue paper and then we always cover the gown in a long plastic bag to keep it safe, but the train down for transport!
    • OH NO! Something isn’t just right! No worries, sometimes that happens. We try hard to make any minor adjustments/fixes while you wait, but sometimes an additional pick up is required after the final fitting! If we keep the dress for any reason pertaining to the original alteration service agreement, there is no additional payment needed. If we do any additional work at the Bride’s request OR sizing adjustments need to be made that different from the 2nd fitting measurements, you may incur an additional charge. (i.e. If you lose weight or change shoes after the 2nd fitting you will incur an additional charge. That is why your 2nd fitting is SO important!)


Happily Ever AFTA!!! You are a married babe now! YAY! After the wedding, keep us in mind. We offer a preservation package that includes having your dress professionally cleaned and preserved for years to come!… who knows maybe you’ll have a future mini me who would like a piece of your gown one day, for her big day!