Dallas Bridal Alterations


Finding THE Dress in a Sea of Hopelessness


Amongst the sea of bridal dresses, sometimes it seems hard to believe you will find the right catch. Even though, there is a sea of endless wedding gowns out there; sometimes, the fact is, your dress isn’t out there.


Yes, you heard me correctly. Sometimes your PERFECT dress is not out there. But, no worries at all, that’s why you have us! Sometimes what stands between you and THE dress, are a few customizations to make it just right!


This was the case for our sweet bride Jill. Jill found what she felt was her dress, but it wasn’t quit yet, THE dress. In her mind she had always envisioned a beautiful lace sleeved gown for her Fall Wedding. Well, the designer, Maggie Sottero, agreed to sell some of the beautiful lace off of Jill’s gown and POOF! We were able to structure a custom lace sleeve to Jill’s gown and all of the sudden it went from a dress Jill had bought to, THE dress Jill was going to begin her Happily Ever After in! (YEAH! Time to start her Dallas Bridal Gown Alterations!)


So, while you may not always find exactly what you are looking for when shopping, there may still be other options. The key is to keep a creative mind, leave all options open and ALWAYS ask lots of questions to your stylist.


So this Valentine’s Day when you are desperately searching to find the perfect wedding gown in a sea of hopelessness, remember sometimes in order to fall in love with the perfect one, you may need to make a few creative adjustments!— In need of Bridal Under Garments Only?! Check out our SHOP– AFTA UNDER GARMENTS!


***DISCLAIMER: This practice is specifically designed for Dallas Bridal Alterations, Please do NOT go home and attempt this on your boyfriend/ significant other.***





Dallas Wedding Gown Alterations

Dallas Wedding Gown Alterations

Dallas’s #1 Bridal Alterations and Custom Design boutique! Pick up your gown from your Bridal Salon and CALL US TODAY to start your alterations!


Dallas Wedding Gown Alterations– Altered for the Altar is a one-of-a-kind alterations experience, unlike anywhere else. Our priority is, and always will be, making our brides’ gowns as beautiful as they are. From start to finish, we focus on creating a seamless, modern experience. We’re talking about the MOST important gown of your life- shouldn’t this be an experience you’ll remember forever? We think so too.


OVERSIZED FITTING ROOMS perfect for Bridal Alterations

Our oversized fitting rooms were designed to fit a stunning bride and her whole squad comfortably, so you have enough room to fully enjoy your fitting. We also offer champagne fittings upon request. Pop. Fizz. Clink!


OUR WORKROOM for Wedding Gown Alterations

Our salon offers 5,000 square feet dedicated solely to Bridal Alterations. We specialize in wedding gowns, but our one-stop-shop is fully equipped to provide alterations for your entire bridal party! Our space is expertly designed to ensure that your wedding gown is handled with care and precision. Every Dallas Wedding Gown Alterations is stored and altered on site, and our workroom is filled with only the best industrial grade sewing and pressing equipment. Why trust the most important gown of your life with anything less?



The right under garments for your gown can completely change the way your wedding gown looks and feels, and under garments are best chosen with your gown present to ensure the best possible fit. To make things easier for you, we have searched high and low to find the best undergarments on the market! We have the largest bridal under garments selection in Dallas, Texas! OUR CURATED PIECES include: bustiers, adhesive bras, fashion tape, panties, shapewear and we are always adding the next best thing! During your first fitting we will discuss the best options for your specific Wedding Gown and professionally size you. While we know that choosing the perfect undergarments for your wedding gown can be overwhelming, rest assured that we are here for YOU every step of the way! Want more info on this…WEDDING GOWN ALTERATION FAQ



Altered for the Altar, a Dallas based Wedding Gown Alterations boutique, is best known for our ability to create unique, custom experiences for each bride. If there is something completely custom that you want to have created, ASK US! We are always up for a new challenge, especially one that allows you to have the best experience possible and will result in your PERFECT dress!



Curious about your first fitting?!What to Know About Your First Fitting



Dallas’s #1 Wedding Gown Alterations Boutique



What To Wear Underneath Your Wedding Gown

It’s easy to get caught up in wedding planning- booking a caterer, meeting with the florist, and selecting your dream dress are all such exciting milestones! In selecting your dream dress and the perfect accessories to match, what often gets overlooked as your next step is choosing what undergarments to wear. Luckily, as the premier choice of Dallas wedding alterations, guiding you in the right direction is kind of our thing and we have a wide selection of undergarments to choose from!


We always suggest coming to your first dress fitting and discussing your best option before making any purchases. Many vendors we work with create styles specifically for bridal wear, from panties to shapewear, and we can help guide you toward the style that will help you look and feel your best on your big day! Let’s jump right in!


Generally speaking, we recommend nude colored, “no-show” panties and typically steer our clients away from full-coverage underwear, which could reveal panty lines under your gown. In many cases, we recommend Shapewear to streamline the fit of your gown and to make you feel as comfortable as possible on your big day.


At AFTA, we’re obsessed with our friends at Commando who make undergarments designed to, “make women love getting dressed,” (and we can guarantee that sentiment extends to your wedding gown)! Fashion forward and innovative, Commando undergarments include modern slips which are perfect for your gown’s specific needs. Some great examples of Commado styles are:



Classic Control Skort

This skort is designed to fill the space that is typically left behind by traditional shapewear. It’s particularly great for gowns with a fitted hip so you can avoid the dreaded “hollow spot”, like the stunning mermaid style. An AFTA favorite, this is the only skort on the market we’ve been able to find that’s seamed all the way down so it stays fitted with the shorts underneath and doesn’t ride up or bunch.

High-Waisted Thong

This is a nude colored, high-waisted thong that is the perfect marriage of “no-show” panties and medium control, for the bride who wants the best of both worlds! The medium compression will keep you smooth and comfortable from the ceremony to the dance floor, while the thong back keeps those pesky panty lines at bay.

The Classic Short

These shorts are what you typically think of when you think Shapewear. These shorts offer medium control, a super soft fabric, and are laser cut so they have no seams for a sleek and shapely finish. Versatile and flexible, these shorts will keep you comfortable, smooth and confident on your big day!


Finally, at AFTA, we know how important it is to lean on our tried-and-true classic undergarments! We carry a wide assortment of classic shapewear options that were designed with brides in mind. Shorts like these offer the most compression available, can include boning to offer additional structure to gowns that may need it, and are often cut low in the back for low back/backless dresses or silky dresses with lace. These shorts are also the go-to for Hollywood stylists and are well-known to have been used during the filming of Mad Men, for those brides channeling Hollywood Glam on their big day!


We can’t wait to meet you and to get started on transforming your wedding gown for your big day! Make your appointment with us today and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions you may have!




Bras for Wedding Gown


Every dress is as unique as the bride who wears it, from the gown itself, to the custom alterations done, to the accessories worn. One of the most important questions you’ll encounter during your first alterations appointment will be, “What undergarments do you plan on wearing?” OR “What Bra do you plan to wear with your Wedding Gown?” And, chances your trusty standby strapless bra won’t fit the bill for the most important gown of your life. If you have no clue where to start, you’re in luck! As the premier choice of Dallas wedding alterations, we carry just about every undergarment under the sun and are happy to help guide you to the appropriate choice from our wide selection of undergarments! Some great examples of our available Bras for Wedding Gowns, BELOW…



First things first, let’s talk petals (and no, we don’t mean your florist). Petals are small, sticky adhesive circles designed to give you modest coverage. Petals come in one-size-fits-all, and trust us when we say our friends across the entire bust spectrum will find them a perfect fit. They’re ideal under backless or illusion dresses because they’re sheer, oversized, and taper well to ensure they blend under your dress. 

Bras for Wedding Gown

Plunge Adhesive Bra

Ready to take the plunge? Our plunge adhesive bra is a busty gals best friend! This adhesive bra features matte side wings that blend perfectly under illusion dresses and a plunging neckline to fit a wide variety of gown styles. The wire shaping will keep you in place all night long and there are a large range of sizes available, from B-H. This is the Serena Williams of the sticky bra world (the #GOAT).

Bras for Wedding Gown

Plunge Adhesive Cups

Bridal style continues to evolve and as it does, so does the world of bridal undergarments.. With the rise of stunning illusion gowns, this bra has quickly become our #1 seller. It offers metal underwire for support in a c-shape for cupping the chest with support, and it’s the most amount of coverage that you can get with the least amount of bra showing. It’s backless and comes in sheer and opaque versions that are both unable to be seen under illusion dress panels. Generally, this is a great option for v-neck, backless, low cut, sheer, or illusion gowns. 

Voluptuous Lift Bra

With a name like voluptuous lift bra, you can only guess how incredible this bra makes you look and feel! This bra is designed with metal underwire to give you the support of a traditional bra, but features sheer straps and separated cups to sit perfectly under open back and strapless gowns or plunging necklines. The cups will adhere to your chest, while the matte straps pull over your shoulder for maximum support.



Sticky Boobs

When you think of the original ‘sticky boobs,’ you’re definitely thinking of this adhesive bra. It’s a classic staple for a reason. This adhesive bra sticks perfectly in place and snaps in the middle, giving you lift and an adjustable amount of cleavage. This is a great option for backless and strapless gowns.



Boob Glue

Boob Glue by Bosom Couture is something really special (so special, in fact, that we’re the exclusive Downtown Dallas retailer). The best way we can describe it is a roll-on adhesive that lifts you and keeps your gown in place, but that honestly doesn’t do it justice. Interested in seeing how it works on a wedding dress? Watch THIS video. 



Classic Corset

If there’s ever a time to live out your princess dreams, it’s your wedding! Enter: the corset. This garment has been around forever (since the 1500s to be exact) but don’t be fooled. The reason corsets have been around this long is because they WORK. Corsets can be used under a large range of gowns, but we typically use them under ball gowns or mermaids to provide support. The size range available is incredible, going up to a 56H. If we don’t have your size readily available, it can be shipped to our store within a week!

Wedding Gown Bras

Short-Waisted Corset

Much like the original corset, this short waisted version offers coverage, support, and structure for your gown. This version features a short waist and lower back, which is best suited for ball gowns and strapless gowns.




And, of course, we can create an entirely customized option for you by sewing in cups or adding additional gown enhancements to offer a more comfortable, custom experience. Our job is to make sure that you look (and feel) your best and most supported on your big day. We can’t wait to meet you and get started!

Book your appointment with us today and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions. Or contact us if you have more questions on your bras for wedding gown.